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Four Important Things You Should Know About Your Brand

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Branding may have started as a personal mark to indicate ownership, but it has evolved into an important long-term business marketing activity.

More than a logo or an advertisement, your Business Branding is what people THINK, FEEL and BELIEVE about your business. And this is one activity that is most effective, affordable and powerful at the small to medium business level.


1. Your Logo Is Not Your Brand

A logo is a symbol or device that is used to represent or promote a product or entity. Because we can process pictures faster than words and because an image crosses language barriers a well-designed and well managed logo can provide instant recognition in a variety of situations.

However the logo itself is not your Brand, it only provides a visual reference to recall your Brand properties. Sort of like a desktop shortcut to a range of values and details that form the basis for your Brand in the customer mind.

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It is only through long term, consistent association with your Brand Values that a logo is able to quickly initiate recall and generate what is called an Emotional Brand Connection. Simplified, an Emotional Brand Connection is what the customer Thinks, Feels and Believes about your business.

Read on and you’ll discover more about this.



2. Your Brand is what people THINK, FEEL & BELIEVE it is.

If your brand is what people Think, Feel and Believe, then how can you influence their ideas?

Simple; at every point of contact with your business there is an opportunity for the customer to learn something about you that will shape your brand image in their mind.

In particular, they will observe what YOU tell them (via your marketing, advertising, other materials and even verbally) and they will measure this against what they actually experience and what they hear from others.

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Small to medium businesses are in a strong position to monitor what happens at customer contact points and control the elements to ensure a positive Brand Connection. The larger the organisation, the more points of contact with a customer and the more difficult it can be to be sure of maintaining that positive connection.

The next point will discuss how you can use your Brand to strengthen your whole business.

3. Your Brand Drives Every Business Activity

Developing a brand strategy based on well-structured values lays the foundations on which to build your entire business…true!

“We are in the business to create a customer then satisfy the needs of that customer.

To succeed with this objective, it means running the business to suit the customer.

Every product, policy, system and service needs to be predicated on this principle”

Bob Ansett* 

If everything your business does is based on a set of Brand Values then automatically and almost without thought every interaction you have with a customer will reflect those Brand Values - for better or worse!

Policies and Procedures
These reflect how things are done, from how you deal with complaints right through to sending out accounts, booking appointments, ordering products and even how you answer the phone. This is sometimes one of the most neglected areas that contribute to a Brand, and yet these fundamental activities have a serious impact on how the customer views your business.

Products and Services
It makes sense that your business products and services are in line with your Branding values. For example, stocking poor quality or dangerous goods and products can have a serious impact on your Brand image. Likewise, providing services that are out of line with your Branding strategy will only serve to muddy your Branding image.

In person and through their actions your staff represent not only your business values, but their own. Branding Values can be used as a guide during the employment process and to develop training. Staff that have strong ownership of your business values become valuable ambassadors for your business inside and out of working hours. When your workforce is aligned with your Branding Values you gain the added benefit of staff loyalty, high motivation levels and low staff turnover.

Marketing Activities
Nothing turbo-charges marketing more than being passionate about your Brand! It puts a V8 engine under the bonnet of your promotions vehicle!

Premises & Facilities
Be it a shop front, office, building or even just your car park - if it represents your business then it has the ability to form an impression in the mind of your customer. Good Branding is all about attention to detail at the very heart of things.

The next and final point will show you how your Brand keeps you ahead of your competitors and forms an enduring asset for your business.



4. Good Business Brands Are Competitive, Enduring And Valuable! 


Where products and services are similar in a competitive market, Brand Positioning allows you to differentiate your business from your competitor’s. Rather than slipping into a price war (always a downward spiral from which it is difficult to recover ) you can position your products and services within a positive Business Brand image that adds value to your pricing structure.

Value for dollar is always being assessed in the customer mind, and there are many ways to add value and generate customer loyalty. Loyal customers will support your business through thick and thin. Build a strong Emotional Brand Connection with your customer and it can weather competitive activities such as pricing wars and advertising campaigns.

Brand loyalty, or goodwill, is a valuable and saleable asset that adds to the worth of your business.


5. Surprise....Bonus Info!

If you're in small business you'll find you have much more control over your business brand than in larger corporations.  Discovering and using your unique brand is an inspiring and motivational process that your whole team can get involved in.  When you work through the process of establishing your brand values and marketing plan you'll be giving your team ownership and pride in your brand that will see them enacting those values in their work every day. That is something your customers WILL see and be happy to share with others.


Leonie Cridland is a Design & Brand Building Specialist with over 30 years experience in marketing, design & coaching for both small and corporate business.

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* Bob Ansett famously started the Budget Rent a Car system in 1965. Over the years he grew the company from a two-person small business to a dynamic enterprise employing more than 3000 people with an annual turnover in excess of $400 million.”

He is now a dynamic motivational speaker with several books to his credit.

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