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One of the things I notice about many successful business owners is their amazing passion for their business. Sitting across from Bob at lunch I couldn’t help feel that his passion and ideas were infectious.

He was telling us how he began is business, collecting and delivering firewood over 25 years ago. As he spoke he leaned forward eyes bright and hands gesturing. Over the years his great enthusiasm and understanding of his industry has built the venture into an extremely profitable business with a solid base of loyal customers. To this day, he still enjoys the deep satisfaction that comes from a simple job well done… the neatly split and stacked pile of wood ready for winter, the path where the wood was tipped now clear and clean and the gratitude and friendship of customers that have been on his books for years.


Meeting Gerry Harvey

Many years ago I was a Product Manager for WordPerfect Pacific in Sydney. Right about this time we were invited to visit the first Harvey Norman Computer Superstore just prior to its opening. As we moved among the fresh new shelving and glittering signs we looked up to see none other than Gerry Harvey himself moving toward us. This unassuming and gentle faced man shone with pride and beamed as he told us his vision for the stores to come. Here was a man who radiated passion, and held a genuine interest in the thoughts and ideas of the people who had come to see his store. His passion was vivid and has never left me.


Go the extra mile..

Small business or large, those who are able to infuse what they do with real passion stand out, achieve and inspire others. They are brim full of ideas and are always looking for ways to make their business grow. Bob has been able to take what is an essentially seasonal business, delivering firewood, and has edged out his competitors by achieving sales and deliveries during the off season. How has he done this? Well, I reckon Bob could sell ice to the Eskimos, but his achievement came through developing long term relationships with his customers and understanding and anticipating their needs. By taking a very personalised approach and calling individual customers Bob was able to coordinate summer deliveries. “I’ve just got a load of wood coming past your way today. If you’d like to get ready for winter early, I’ll get the boys to split and stack it in the shed for you.” Bob never goes anywhere without his phone and never misses a call.


When passion fades

Talking to the owner of another business we’ve worked for we found a completely different story. Like Bob she had been running her large stationery supplies store for around 25 years, but unlike Bob her passion for the business was gone. Marianne left it up to staff to open and close the store each day and was often not around to help them manage events. To save money, Marianne stopped advertising as she felt the good standing and current good sales would carry them through. After just 12 months sales had halved, staff were unhappy and a local competitor had picked up on this was now advertising regularly and providing a free delivery service that was gaining them many new customers.

Not all stories are this dramatic, many businesses are quite successful - but those businesses that are run with passion are more than successful, they boom! Even during difficult times. I find that I'm very lucky in my business, because I get to meet and share time with many people who are passionate about their business. They may be just starting out and they may have much to do and learn, but they share one thing in common with people like Bob, Gerry Harvey and others such as Richard Branson and Dick Smith and that is their passion and their vision. It’s infectious and uplifting! I often feel that I’ve gained as much if not more from meeting with them.



Feed the fires

When you are up to your butt in crocodiles it can be difficult to remember the initial objective was to drain the swamp. Inspiration and motivation are fires that need to be fed. Spending time on working on your vision is just as important as any other job in your business. Connect with like-minded people in business and networking groups. Form a team of business friends and meet regularly to share ideas and inspiration. Follow your favourite inspirational speakers on YouTube or social media. Read books and blogs and attend local business functions. These are all fuel to feed the fires of your passion.


Need help with your vision?

Get some Divine Coaching! Use my coaching experience to help you get past some of the mental and emotional sharp turns that come when running a small business. Use your passion to shape a mission and vision statement that will form a guide post for everything you do in your busines. It's an imporant part of shaping yoru business brand.

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