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8 Reasons To Get Your Christmas Promo Started NOW!


Ok, so I know you are going to say "It's too early to talk about Christmas!"  But not if you are in business!

Find out why you need to get started on your Christmas promotions right now!


1. Sales Start Sooner Than You Think

By time the fourth school term starts people are already in the frame of mind that Christmas is coming. By getting in early you can encourage your customers to do what they are already think about: get better value and save the stress. 


2. Designers and Printers are Super Busy At This Time Of Year

Simple but true! The longer you leave it to get your promo job into your designer and printer, the longer you will be waiting to get it back and off to your customer. What's more you want to be working with your designer while they are fresh and creative. Designers are people too (true!) and during busy periods it can be hard to keep the creativity flowing as well as other times of the year. Everyone is trying to fit in work, Christmas preparations, family and friends at this time of year. Not the best situation for generating fresh and interesting design ideas!


3. You'll Have Time To Tweak Your Campaign

Early feedback gives you time to adjust your marketing for better targeting and response. If your campaign starts at the last hour there is no time to recover before the season has past.


4. It Takes Time To Reach Your Target Audience

Direct mail shots are an incredibly effective way to reach your audience and even in this age of digital marketing they are a frequently used medium. You'll need to book your mail shot in with Aus. Post or other delivery agency. That means counting backwards in time from your targeted delivery date to include time for development and printing of your mail piece. Coordinate this with a matching digital and or print advertising campaign and you've got yourself a well organised marketing program for the Christmas period.


5. Get To Your Customers Before Someone Else Does

During the run-up to Christmas we get bombarded with marketing messages. Getting in early gives you a chance to grab some mindshare. Give your targeted audience a high value reason to shop or book early with you. 


6. Clear Your Plate To Focus On Business

Like everyone, you will be busy at Christmas too. The last thing you want is the stress of organsing a last minute promotion! Getting started now, means you can slip into the run-up to Christmas knowing you have everything under control!


7. Give Your Competition The Slip

Getting organised early puts you ahead of your competition, not only in timeliness, but also in creating an offer and message that is uniquely yours. Position your business as a market leader to stay ahead of the game!


8. You'll Get Better Pricing

The close to Christmas you get, the more demand there is for services. In the lead up to this period you can often find offers to help you get started early.

Like this one:

Book and complete your promotional design before October 31 2017 and I'll offer you an inviting %10 off the final price.

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