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    Your Logo Is The Trigger For Brand Recall


    A Logo Design You'll Be Proud Of!


    Looking for a new Logo Design? Or perhaps you want to freshen up an existing logo for a new updated look?  Either way it's worth putting your focus on ensuring you get a design that is functional, enduring and memorable.


    It's a wonderful warm and confident feeling when you pass on your business card or brochure then see and hear the admiring looks and comments you get.



    Get a Divine Logo

    When you choose Divine Branding for your logo design you'll know the result will be everything you wanted. You'll start with a Logo Design Briefing with your designer. (More about Leonie Cridland here.)


    During the briefing we'll explore your business or organisation, goals, your thoughts and ideas as well as your competitors and the market place. This information forms the guidelines for the design.

    In the next stage you'll receive some design concept ideas. These are sometimes hand sketched ideas or digital mock ups.  We'll then take the concept you prefer and start working on polishing it up. You'll receive your next design draft showing the logo in a range of layouts, colours and styles. After this, the design is finalised and provided to you as master files in a range of file formats for use in professional printing, Web and in-house documents. These are usually a PDF (master design file), JPG and transparent PNG. Other formats available on request.

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    6 Ways to Love your Logo

    Here are some tips about caring for your beautiful new logo:


    Tip #1 - Backups
    Make back-up copies of your files and store them safely. Let others in your business know where these are. Many times people have come to me and they don't have the design files for their logo. Sometimes they have been forced to used poor quality or low resolution images that degrade the integrity of their business brand. This means I need to recreate the logo so that it can be used in quality marketing materials again.


    Tip #2 - Keep in shape

    Please...don't stretch your logo out of shape! If you are using your logo in a document or on the web ensure the aspect ratio is kept the same. This is one problem that will make your logo look tacky quicker than anything else!


    Tip #3 - Space to breathe
    Keep clear space around your logo wherever it is displayed. This ensures your brand recognition is clear at all times. 


    Tip #4 - Don't be a Chameleon
    Be careful what background your logo is displayed on - patterned, textured or coloured backgrounds will also destroy the integrity of your logo and branding. If the logo is to be displayed on such a background make sure it is inside a box of white or other matching colour that allows your logo to shine through.


    Tip #5 - Avoid shrinkage
    Don't shrink your logo too small! Some publications may shrink your logo to fit. The proof you receive on-screen may look great, but always print it out to see how it looks.


    Tip #6 - Link to what you value
    DO: remember that your brand values (service, quality, reliability etc) become associated with your logo. Over time your business culture and your logo become inextricably linked. One glance at your logo should give your clients the warm-and-fuzzies!   



    "A good logo looks nice. A great logo is instantly recognisable, memorable and becomes a trigger for your brand experience."




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