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Product & Onsite Photography

product photography mackayThe right imagery can make or break your marketing materials. Do the colour themes match? Is the composition right? Have they been taken with your designs in mind?

That's why we offer product and onsite photography as a you know all the pieces will fit together and work well. 

What's more, you get one standard shoot fee and no additional licensing fees. All images are yours to keep!


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Business Documentation & Reports

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Need well formatted internal documentation? How about a really dazzling Annual General Report? 


Talk to Leonie about creating well branded and easy to use internal documentation.

✐  Document Templates

✐  Reports

✐  Self editing & printing flyers

✐  Booklets

✐  PowerPoint Presentations

✐  Social Media Branding & Posts


Proficient in MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other applications. If you need beautiful reports or easy to use document templates talk to me about setting up professional, well branded internal documentation you'll be proud of.


Don't forget those customer information packs, fact sheets, newsletters and forms. These types of documentation are often forgotten and neglected, yet they play a vital role for your business or organisation. 


Ready to create powerful and effective documents for your business?

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